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Early one morning about a month ago (right after the election results) I woke up, read some Word on my phone, made some chai tea just the way I like it— “dirty” (with a shot of espresso), I put on some Coltrane, took a nice long Dr. Teal’s lavender bath and slipped into that other place, that other space and plane where I “hear” and “see.”

I wanted to write something deep and insightful about America and the recent presidential election but it was too much— too much to process, too much to say. I’m still struggling with exactly what to make of it all and where to begin but here goes:

I had been reading Malachi lately. Malachi, with just 4 short chapters at the end of the Old Testament is deep. (Psalms has 150 chapters) It’s worth studying! When the election ended with a Trump victory many people were in shock. Church folks took to Revelations and “end of days” prophecy and anti-Christ theories, but it occurred to me that Malachi, that so-called minor-prophet, with only four chapters, breaks it all down short and sweet.

Malachi, (meaning: messenger of Yahweh or YHWH), simply states to the people of God, “y’all are messing up.” LOL! That’s it! "Y’all are messing up!”

I know, most people know Malachi for “Will a man rob God?” (Mal. 3:8) I’ve been hearing that since I was a little kid, but the overall message is much deeper than admonishing folks to tithe. Malachi is warning the people of Israel of the dangers of breaking Covenant with God— again.

Malachi was speaking to the people of God at a time when they had reached a spiritual low point— corruption in the priesthood (ministry) and complacency and apathy among the people. He was trying to reach them and remind them of who they were (God’s “Chosen People”) and more importantly who God is, His promises to the faithful and the consequences of breaking Covenant.

What’s this got to do with politics? Everything! Malachi speaks to hypocrisy, blasphemy, thievery, cynicism, and blatant disobedience. Sound like politics now? If you’re wondering how we got here just look around and listen to the sounds of America, the sounds of our leaders, the sounds of the campaigns for the highest office in the land. Offensive, disgraceful, disgusting and completely devoid of any sense of dignity, the election became a contest of who was caught in the fewest lies or who was the least corrupt, culpable or detestable.

How did we get here? How does a Donald Trump presidency follow one of the most highly respected, highly educated and most dignified presidents to ever grace 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? How in God’s name does Melania follow Michelle? This is what we get when we reach that spiritual low point that Malachi was speaking about.

We stood by and watched Donald Trump do the devil’s work for two years and no one took him seriously, no one knew how to deal with it, how to fight it, control it, or stop it. Some fear he has opened Pandora’s box and flung open the very gates of hell on America and no one knows exactly what to do or what to expect next. Well, keep removing God from who we profess to be, “In ___ we trust!”, “One nation under ___ with liberty and justice for all” and I’ll tell you exactly what to expect next. Just ask Malachi!

Take a look into the crazed, glassy black eyes of Jeff Sessions, the Manson-like expression on the face of Steve Bannon, the blood thirst expressions of Newt Gingrich and General Flynn. Read some of Gen. Mad Dog Mattis’ quotes: “It’s fun to shoot some people.” “Some a—holes in the world just need to be shot.” “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” Alrighty then! These men are blood-thirsty, agents of the doom. They are drunk with power and likely possessed by a devil and there’s no opening for an Exorcist in the cabinet.

Then there are what I call the Smilers! Compare Giuliani’s smile to Batman’s- Riddler. I keep waiting for KellyAnne Conway’s bright, smiling face to slowly melt away, revealing the grotesque face of a 2,000-year-old woman of the night. Add to that list, the newly smiling Gov. Mitt Romney, the ever-smiling Gov. Rick Perry, Son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and poor closed-eyed smiling Dr. Ben Carson and you see what happens when you dance with the devil.

BTW… has anyone seen Bishop Paula White lately? Wasn’t she Donald’s long-time “Spiritual Advisor?” Donald, slumped over, elbows resting on his knees, looked like he needed a spiritual advisor when he sat beside President Obama after their historic White House meeting. It had to be a difficult and humbling moment for the Birther-brewing, hate-spewing Trump. Donal Trump looked mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted, like he had just been released from a powerful, frenzied, lustful dance with the not-so-holy ghost. He looked dazed like a man who realized the gravity and severity of what he had just done. With all the deals he’s boasted about in The Art of the Deal, he had just made a deal with the devil that would cost him his eternal soul. You can’t beat the devil at his own game DT— remember, the house always wins!

There you have it! This is about our souls! Not just Donald’s, but everyone’s soul. That’s what Malachi was warning. We will all be held accountable for a crass, perverted, soulless nation where God has been pushed out, where God has been FIRED. We’ll all pay the price! Just watch!

The good news is, Malachi also speaks to healing and hope for those who honor Covenant and keep commandments. He speaks to the all-powerful love of God that will get us through these tumultuous times. Don’t run, don’t hide, don’t be afraid, stand up, represent, pray hard, love hard!

For those of you who are upset or offended by my comments and assertions and who most likely voted for Mr. Trump, please receive this little exercise for its entertainment value only— I’m no expert on these matters. Also, one day I may offer my thoughts on the Hillary Clinton campaign.

In the meantime, you may want to check out Malachi.

I’m Miles Jaye and I approve this message! Keep striving for peace and love! Keep the faith! M

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